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"Wonderful" - Smithsonian

“For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. For instance, I’m fascinated and you’re losing interest.” - Rhys Thomas


The Science Circus is a comedy show that teaches the Physics of juggling and acrobalance tricks. Because it works on so many levels, people often compare it to a Pixar movie.

Live or Zoom Virtual Shows Worldwide

We have toured live to museums & schools in Singapore, Jordan, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Canada, Trinidad & Egypt.


Mostly we're found at Science events across the USA. Our clients range from the Smithsonian Institution to Space Center Houston, Arkansas Discovery Network to Texas A&M, Oregon school assemblies to Maker Faires across America.


Both "Science Circus" and its sequel "Gollyology" are modular STEM-based explorations of gravity, gyroscopics, inertia, centripetal force, balance, rotation and levity. Gollyology even shares juggling insights discovered through mathematical modeling, archaeology and the scientific method.

The Science Circus is easy to present, requiring only basic facilities and an audience.

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The Physics of Fun

Tall unicycle, Science Circus, Rhys Thomas

" so far. The quality and content were superb"  

- The Children's Museum Jordan

THEY liked it:

The Smithsonian Institution, DC 

Space Center Houston

Science Centre Singapore

SciTechNoFest, Trinidad

AT&T Bell Laboratories, NJ

First (Robotics) Championship, St. Louis

American Assn. of Physics Teachers 

Childrens Museum, Amman Jordan

Kidzania, Cairo

Intel Science & Engineering Fair, Phoenix 

Rochester Institute of Technology, NY 

Arts Across Nebraska

Arkansas Discovery Network

Science World, Vancouver BC

A Few


club juggling, clapping crowd, Rhys Thomas

THEY liked it too:

Taco Bell Discovery Science Center, CA 

Confederation of School Administrators 

Oregon Innovators in Education 

Mid-America Science Museum, AR

Science Museum of Minnesota, MN 

Arizona Science Center, AZ

Science Werks, Ashland, OR

Hoover Presidential Library, IA

American Physical Society

Roper Mountain Science Center, SC 

Discovery Center. of Sci. and Tech., CA 

Intel Kids Day, Hillsboro, OR

Etc. etc.

and schools across America

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