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Special Event?
Donor Reward Night?

“Our 7 museum network marveled at how he REALLY entertained all ages.”

- Arkansas Discovery Network

Special event programming has never been easier.

Fly in Science Circus and have him perform for your donors' night (with extra tricks you won't see in his public show) and then have him do several public shows for your daylight patrons. 

Need to do a little outreach in the community? Science Circus is an easy to tour school assembly for all ages. It fits in a rental car and sets up in any gym, cafetorium or theater.

Science circus was the opening act of Singapore's Mini Maker Faire and can add great fun to your event.

Overflowing your space? Science Circus can even perform outdoors.

“I am your clumsy student.”  - Arno Penzias, Nobel Laureate


Smithsonian Institution Discovery Theater:

“The teachers and students were amazed how Mr. Thomas was able to amuse the kids with his verbal and visual wit while teaching them such science concepts as centripetal force and the law of gravity.”




"We want him back" 

Great fun performing and getting marooned with gators in the Caroni swamp (at night).


Singapore Science Centre

"Great public response"

3 Tours including original pieces for Sony's "Twist, Turn, Tumble" event and the "Science Buskers" competition.



Cairo, Egypt

"Twice we've brought Rhys to amaze us" 

And to travel to a tomb with 4,000 year old paintings of jugglers!

Middle East

Abu Dhabi

Science Festival

"You're funnier without the translator" 

Outside shows in 117 degrees. That's dedication to Science!

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